VIXX music video review |

VIXX may not have the sophisticated rebellion of Big Bang, the kitschy color of SHINee, or the raw sex appeal of 2PM, but damn if they aren’t catchy.

On second single “On And On” the boys of Jellyfish Entertainment (amazing name!) tell us the story of a complicated relationship that they just can’t let die, all while being launched into space by angry white women in Terminator -style costumes.


The track screams guilty pleasure as it is dripping in enough auto-tune to challenge B2St’s “Bad Girl,” which by the way I loved.

There’s something to be said about a song that can embrace auto-tune so fully and still maintain some sense of dignity. It’s a fine art and VIXX have added their names to list of conquerors.

The whole three minutes are a treat, but I must admit my favorite part was the hook line, “I need therapy.”

K-pop never ceases to astound me with their choice of English lyrics.

At one point the six idols take standard k-pop dancing to the moon, which happens to look a lot like the set from U-Kiss’ “Neverland.”Personally I’m just thankful it wasn’t on a rooftop or a flashing box. On the negative side, and unfortunately there is one, the group’s rapper really irks me. His tone is unpleasant and his voice didn’t flow with the melody of the song.  ,resulting in a sub-par bridge.

VIXX need to work on a stronger image that will cement them as a boy band staple, but for now they’re doing everything right. Producing ridiculously addictive songs like this will get you pretty far in my book so I’ll hold off on a complete individuality judgment until their first-mini album.

Grade: B+