TVXQ debut “Catch Me” music video teaser

TVXQ catch me review |

The monstrous duo that is SM’s TVXQ are finally coming back. The break-up of the five-membered group has been discussed to death so I’ll spare the explanation.

All you need to know is that TVXQ brought out the fierceness with their last comeback “Keep Your Head Down”, and it looks like they may do the same again. While the MV seems to be another same-set, same-look that almost all of SM’s videos have, it still seems to carry enough exciting visuals to please.

I’m a little worried about the description of the song including dubstep as a main feature, since I’m pretty much over the gimmick of every song in the world using it for about 30 seconds, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt until I hear the whole thing.

Only two days left!