TINY-G – “Minimanimo”

Tiny G South Korean Band | ThePopFairy.com

A pleasant surprise…

After newbies Tiny-G released their first single, creatively called “Tiny-G,” I wrote them off as helpless wannabes who would never deliver a song pleasing enough to grace my divine ears.

Now, a few months later, with the release of second single “Minimanimo” I find myself running to them with arms wide open.

Decked out in colorful jumpsuits, the quartet perfectly meld sugar and spice while playing Barbie in a shockingly bare doll house.

The song is divided into three distinct sections: the clapping happy-go-lucky verses, the frenetic and booming chorus, and the synth-heavy hook. Each works on its own and in collaboration with its neighboring parts.

Lyrically “Minimanimo” goes back and forth from being a cheeky send-off to a girly confession, much like the emotions felt in an actual relationship, just crammed into a three minute pop nugget.

My favorite line has to be “my phone battery is too good for you” and I will now be using that on my own boyfriend whenever he refuses to read the books I recommend to him.

Tiny-G are my new gals and I can’t wait to show them off to the world aka my three dogs.

Grade: A-