Survivor premieres with most interesting cast in years

Survivor Cast 2012 |

First off, yes Survivor is still on the air, and on its 25th season. What can be said other than that the first to do it is usually the best? However, in recent seasons Survivor has had its fair share of ups and downs.

Casting has not always been on point, with hoards of bimbos and muscle heads providing much less entertainment than anticipated.

The show is at its best when it takes people who would never get the chance to communicate ordinarily, and forces them to compete and align with each other.

That is why the premiere of Survivor Philippines impressed me.

Instead of a long list of different types of models (are swimsuit and fitness models THAT different?) we have a Seminary Student, Retired Baseball Player, Investment Banker, Sex Therapist, and a Former Child TV Star. Now this is a cast I can get behind.

Only time will tell how the season will play out, but if the first episode is enough to judge, then things could be very interesting.

The highlight of the night came from losing tribe member Zane (a tattooed tire repairman) who failed miserably in his part of the challenge, told the other tribe members to vote him off, and then was shocked when they did.

Although he thought this could be a groundbreaking move, he should have considered that he literally had no leverage.

He offered nothing to the tribe; he couldn’t do the running, swimming, or puzzle solving part of the challenge, and it was only Day 3. So it’s sayonara to Zane, but konichiwa to what could be a great season.