Secret’s Sunhwa and B.A.P’s Youngjae are 99 Cent store dute

Sunhwa And B.A.P’s Youngjae |

TS Entertainment has to cut back on someone…

After last year’s shockingly successful solo debut of Secret’s Ji Eun with “Going Crazy” and this year’s buzzworthy pre-debut duo of Bang and Zelo, TS Entertainment has decided to continue the love of side projects with Secret’s resident hottie Sunhwa and B.A.P’s lead vocalist Youngjae releasing “Everything Is Pretty”.

But instead of giving them the whole song and dance of an actual music video, they get a budget of exactly $3.45 – used exclusively for hair dye – and pander to the camera while hanging out in an abandoned studio.

Childhood chubster Sunhwa has always been my favorite member of Secret so I was initially thrilled to see that she would be getting some much deserved singing time. And while she sounds perfectly adorable on the track, “Everything Is Pretty” is unfortunately forgettable fluff.

Youngjae should never be forced to sound this cutesie as he looks like the Hulk restraining his vocals and facial expressions.

The music video is a one way ticket to bland city and the whole thing feels like a lesser take on A Pink’s Eunji and Beast’s Yoseob’s track “Love Day.”

Nothing offensive, nothing good.

Grade: C