Sistar19 – “Gone Not Around Any Longer”

Sistar19 music video review |

Let’s spice things up…

Here’s a gold old fashioned Pro/Con review for Sistar19’s latest track “Gone Not Around Any Longer.”

Sistar19 music video review


  • I now know how to properly clean my glass furniture with my own ass.
  • Bora and Hyorin retain the title of “The Body” and “The Voice” of K-pop respectively.
  • Hyorin can literally break down glass walls with her high notes, and simultaneously reduce me to tears.
  • Possibly Sistar’s best video to date. I especially enjoy the back-up dancers.
  • Sexy without trying too hard (minus the boob thrusts).
  • Brilliant from the melody to the vocals to the lyrics.
  • Leaves you craving more (of Bora’s booty).


  • If you are not paying attention you will probably miss Bora’s entire rap.
  • The bridge is wasted. An instrumental break is not what I need when we have Hyorin in this bitch.
  • Not a game changer like “Alone.”


Gorgeous and continues Sistar’s streak of perfection. I’m now entirely convinced this is just another step to Hyorin’s inevitable solo career as we’ve gone from Sistar to Sistar19 to basically Hyorin lightly featuring Bora.

Luckily Starship Entertainment seems smart enough to still give us the quartet in regular doses. “Gone Not Around Any Longer” is everything I need right now.

Grade: A-