Bruno Mars – ‘Young Girls’ – review

Bruno Mars Young Girls music review

Brace yourselves because I’m about to discuss a song that is so good, it’s worth revisiting even eight years later. I’m talking about Bruno Mars’ “Young Girls” from his album “Unorthodox Jukebox.”

Let’s dive into the details. The song is a ballad that captures how boys can’t resist the charms of young girls. The electronic beat and synthesizer music complement the catchy lyrics, making it the perfect tune to start your day. The beats and tune of the song are relatively high, giving it a quirky vibe.

Young Girls – Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars’ vocals kick off at 00:14, and the chorus starts at 00:56, which completely blew my mind! It’s got everything a pop song should have: a good voice, steady beats, reasonable bass, echo effects, and a magnificent rhythm. The chorus stretches for about 32 seconds, making it one of the highlights of the song.

The second stanza follows immediately after the chorus, but the end of the second stanza is somewhat odd as Bruno goes a little off-tune. The interlude goes on till 03:14, where the beats finally catch up with the rest of the chorus, and the song ends abruptly.

Overall, “Young Girls” is a song that stuck with me, and I couldn’t (and still can’t) shake it off. I’d give it a solid 9/10 for its catchy tune, quirky beat, and overall appeal. Kudos to Bruno Mars for delivering a timeless classic!