“Revenge” remains the greatest guilty pleasure

Revenge TV series review | ThePopFairy.com

Ah how I love this show…

After beginning the first season with a brilliant quote from Confucius, the new season kicked off its premiere with an adage about destiny:

Destiny has two ways of crushing us – by refusing our wishes and by fulfilling them.
-Henri Frederic Amiel

While perhaps not as strong as its predecessor, the quote is an interesting and poignant note on what the audience loves to see, Emily dealing out justice while at the same time being shocked by random twists of fate (and by fate I mean Victoria Grayson).


The episode took place several weeks after the finale and dealt with the aftermath of each character’s dramatic slow motion finale scene. Charlotte is healing in rehab, but is perhaps trapped there by her father. Daniel is now with the slimy opportunist Ashley. Jack and Amanda are unhappy and expecting. Nolan is learning to defend himself through kickboxing, and Emily is back in town now seeking revenge for the wrongs done to both her father and mother.

While the opener tried to fool us into thinking Victoria was actually dead – even ripping her name from the opening credits  – only a fool would believe they would let the most amazing part of the show go (I WILL RUIN YOU). 

Regina may be great on Once Upon A Time, but she has nothing on Victoria. And the last ten minutes of the show instantly improved with her presence.

In general I find the whole Emily’s mother story line a tad ridiculous, but it was a necessary evil to keep the show going, and it provides more of the soap-opera juicy drama we all crave.

The only question I had about the pilot was why Takeda was replaced and who is this random guy Emily is now training with? I’m sure all will be revealed in due time, and I personally can’t wait.

Grade: A-