RaNia hooks up with YG himself for “Style” comeback

RaNia Style South Korean group | ThePopFairy.com

Great news everybody! RaNia has finally lost the dead weight and debuted as a five member girl group! Wait, it was their lead singer that left? Well then, while Jooyi “works on another project”, the other girls have just released their latest MV and single entitled “Style”.

The song was produced by YG creator Yang Hyun Suk as a favor to their label’s head, and bears a bit of YG swag while not abandoning RaNia’s concept of raunchy sex appeal.

RaNia x YG

The girls who famously gave us lines like “strap me down into my chair” are now beginning songs with “Classy. Sexy. Crazy. Couture”. It’s like watching my little girls grow up right in front of me. Or maybe more like my favorite prostitutes gaining a little self respect? Either way the girls have stepped up their look and are beginning to gain individual identities, rather than the identical uniforms they used to wear. As for the music, the song is pretty decent. There is of course the classic LMFAO/David Guetta/YG build up and break down that has been done to death, but the catchiness is there. The girls have alright voices, although Jooyi definitely would have helped the overall talent quotient.

The MV is your standard dance in a room, dance in an elevator, shake your asses on the ground. The individual scenes are pretty boring (a car with a ribbon on top of it, how creative) and the main dancing scenes have an unfortunately cheap look to them. The best part is really when RaNia do what they do best and get down on the floor, grinding like champs.

YG supposedly styled the girls for the video and there are some definite hits and misses, but either way they have improved. Although there are some negatives, I can’t deny that I like the song and will be adding it to my iPod and bumping it in my car.

Grade: B-