Puretty – Shuwa Shuwa Baby

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Puretty remain flawless while exhibiting tons of flaws…

DSP’s back-up gals for when KARA inevitably disbands, Puretty, have released the music video to their second Japanese single, “Shuwa Shuwa Baby.”

Puretty’s Shuwa Shuwa Baby

Even with the hype of being KARA’s sister band and having anime characters modeled after them, Puretty’s debut “Cheki Love” flopped harder than all of 4minute’s Japanese releases.

That’s a hard thing to do. But for those of us who gave the group a chance, “Cheki Love” proved to be a vanilla shake with a cherry on top (i.e. perfection).

“Shuwa Shuwa Baby” sees the quintet raiding KARA’s closet to dress in bland white outfits and unfortunate cheerleader uniforms.

Unsurprisingly the KARA comparisons don’t end there with the opening note of the song replicating “Go! Go! Summer” and the entire style of both the track and video being a direct-to-VHS  2008 copy of their senior idols.

However even through the complete lack of originality Puretty manages to slay with an addictive refrain of “so sweet, so sweet, so cute, so cute” and iPhoto backdrops. Puretty is Hello Kitty crack and I’m tweaking out like a junkie on Breaking Bad.

As for the members themselves I’m partial to real life wood nymph and leader of the band Hye-in as well as large mouth vocalist Chae-kyung.

The highlight of the music video has to be when Hye-in prepares a sandwich for her love interest proving that yes, these girls are budget babies. They may be a 99 cent version of KARA, but sometimes you just can’t beat a good bargain.

Grade: B