MYNAME – “Just That Little Thing”

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2013’s hottest look: The purple bowl cut…

MYNAME’s 2011 debut “Message” took me by surprise. It was exciting, it changed tempos, the boys were solid dancers; basically I couldn’t get it out of my head.

After dropping just one other single, the boys opted forgo establishing a sturdy fanbase in the fun Korea, and headed off to Japan in hopes of cashing in on the hallyu wave.

Things went the way of an “eh,” not terribly but not especially well. A couple months later and here we are, with second single album “Just That Little Thing.”

If one thing has remained the same it’s that these boys know how to dance, and do it in a pleasingly aggressive manner. They get down on the floor, get back up, and do it all over again while still managing to thrust their hips toward the camera at every opportune moment. What’s lacking though is presence.

Green-haired rapper JunQ looked as though filming this music was a trip to the dentist, and bug-eyes with the purple bowl hair cut was a little too creepy for my tastes. The other three are handsome enough, but there was never a moment where I felt star power radiating from any of them.

The song itself has both it’s good and bad parts. As far as choruses go “Just That Little Thing” rejects the typically catchy in favor of a more unique, rhythm based approach that works well to ensure longevity.

Unfortunately the David Guetta beat breakdowns before the second chorus and near the end are so eye-roll worthy that they literally forced me to pause the video so I could sigh multiple times. Worst of all though is the dub-step bridge that neither fits with the song or is particularly impressive as far as dub-step bridges go.

“Just That Little Thing” has a terrific refrain, but is bogged down by lackluster video performances and cheap audio tricks that we’ve all seen a million times prior. Keep listening to “Message” instead.

Grade: C+