MFBTY – “Sweet Dream”

MFBTW Sweet Dream music review |

3 Gods unite…

Legendary Korean rappers Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy have come together to form the terribly named unit MFBTY.

With their single “Sweet Dream” they have provided a master class on how to rap, be relevant, and release a completely incomprehensible video.

While the song opens with an overly formulaic singing section, the verses are truly show stoppers. Never in the history of music has there been a beat that I would like to shake my booty to as much as this one.

As the song zips from rap to sung chorus, which does become expectedly addictive over time, there’s never a dull moment. As expected though, Yoon Mi Rae’s rap steals the show. She’s probably the greatest female rapper working in Korea, and she needs to release more music. A song a day would be preferable.

The video on the other hand is a barrage of strange images including astronauts, metallic tigers, and underwater car trips. Veins freak me out and I especially did not enjoy the scene when they were popping out of a man’s arm who was hooked up to machines that did God knows what.

If someone has any more insight into this video (English lyrics were unavailable at the time of writing this), other than it was a dream that I would never like to have, please inform me.

Regardless, MFBTY’s “Sweet Dream” is a mind-blowing, awesome project for fans of rap, K-pop, or simply music in general. Excuse me as I request this at every club in town, then scoff loudly when they ignore me.

Grade: A-