Little Mix “DNA” is dub, dance, choral craziness

Little Mix DNA |

When I first heard Little Mix was going to use dubstep in their new single, I let out a long sigh…

But now that the full song has been released, I can’t help but love it. The vocals are strong and sassy, the production big and booming, and the bridge strange and bizarre.

Little Mix – “DNA”

Shall we discuss that bridge? From a pretty standard build-up, explode format the track suddenly shifts into a light rap (emphasis on the light) which then transforms into a chant from a Gregorian choir.


Little Mix are now 2 for 2 on their singles being hot stuff. Provided their video is as amazing as it should be, the overall song grade is only going up.

Grade: B+

Side note: The chorus on this Youtube video is a little faster than it should be (sorry but Americans gotta take what we can get when British Vevo blocks us out).