Leighton Meester – Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)

Leighton Meester – Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) | ThePopFairy.com

It’s Christmas (Eve)…

Alas the holidays have been so busy my updates have been minimal. To make up for the lack of news I am posting an early Christmas present to you all. Leighton Meester’s 2011 cover of “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)” is the perfect song to play while you pout and mouth the words Lana del Rey style in your bathroom mirror. It’s so hot I have to restrain myself from not rocking out to it year round.

Leighton Meester remains the pop star who should have been. “Body Control” is still as hot as ever and now that Gossip Girl is over L.M. can stop pretending she wants anything to do with the CW.

Sure, her Robin Thicke song was a dud, but one flop isn’t a reason to throw in the towel! Just look at Ciara!

Do the world a favor and come back to music Leighton, the world needs to forget The Roommate.