Leessang – “Tears” feat Eugene of The SEEYA

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Grab the tissues…

Perfect: that one word describes everything here. Hip-hop duo LeeSSang are incredibly popular and for great reasons. Garie is an insanely talented rapper and the husky voiced Gil is unparalleled.

Their latest, “Tears,” is an emotional break-up song that never veers into cheesy or over-dramatic territory (a rare feat for a K-ballad), with Leessang always sounding honest and authentic in both melody and vocal delivery. It’s refreshing to see that such tough men can pour out their emotions in a song like “Tears.”

LeeSSang Tears music video

The video stars NS Yoon Ji and DMTN (formerly Dalmation) member Daniel as a couple who can’t seem to make it work despite the obvious amounts of love between them. The screen is often sectioned off into light and dark portions, mimicking a line in the song and drawing an impossible barrier for the couple to cross. Both stars give impressing acting performances and it’s awesome to see them have this opportunity given that neither is a huge A-list star like Leessang. Same goes for Eugene of The SEEYA who at once is incredibly lucky to be in this song and also manages to make her part so memorable that the song couldn’t be without her.

At the incredibly sad end of the video you can’t but feel the emotions that have gone into this song. “Tears” is utterly inspiring and continues Leessang’s tradition of being hip-hop beasts who never resort to cheap tricks to reach the top of the charts. By the way this song has, within a day, hit the roof of Melon’s chart 9 times.

Grade: A