Jenn D – You Keep Giving Me Love

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The artist formerly known as…

Vela apparently, not that this name means much to a vast majority of the planet. Besides, she’s Jenn D now – a name that seems more befitting of a contestant on The Bachelor who is most likely a dental hygienist than a pop star. Either way, Jenn D’s track “You Keep Giving Me Love” is kind of great.

Jenn D – You Keep Giving Me Love music video

First off the video was directed by Smiley Face Heart Peace Sign. I’m a little insulted that Jenn D thinks that I’m dumb enough to not realize that those symbols are code for James Cameron.

There is no mistaking his cinematography when Jenn slams her heel into a token machine at the local carnival in order to ride those coasters for free. She is most definitely my type of gal.

The song has great lyrics like “we can make it digital” and a nice repeated “whoa uh oh” section that breaks the booming chorus in just the right spot.

If that’s not enough to sell you, there’s a cheesy dance break and a moment where Jenn D’s face looks as though she may kill the viewer.

It’s quite literally perfection. Well, maybe perfection is a strong word, but don’t pretend you aren’t singing the refrain right now.

Grade: B