Kim Jae Joong |

No crows were harmed in the making of this video…

We could spend an eternity discussing the drama that unfolded between the once reigning champions of K-pop, TVXQ, or we could just say that they disbanded, divided into two entities, and are now additionally pursuing solo ventures. The face of the group, Jaejoong, has released his first solo mini-album with title track “Mine.”

Surrounded in the woods by branches, owls, and barking dogs, Jaejoong looks like the love child of Bane and Lady Gaga while singing a song that is more appropriate to the Japanese rock scene than to K-pop. Sonically, it’s not up my alley at all.

While even a fairy like myself enjoys rocking out once in awhile, nothing about the melody of the track caught my interest.

Personally I found the video to be much more entertaining and it seemed that Jaejoong may have felt the same as the song halts numerous times in favor of long cinematic shots like Jaejoong running through a flock of crows.

Jaejoong may be the perfect leading man, but his song is a letdown. It’s a half-baked anime opening that never manages to fully develop into something special.

Grade: C