DMTN – “Safety Zone”

DMTN (달마시안; also known as Dalmatian |

Don’t call me Dalmatian…

The artist formerly known as Dalmatian would no longer like to be associated with adorable puppies escaping the fabulous Cruella De Vil so they’ve unceremoniously changed their name to DMTN, which stands for Dachshund Mutt Terrier New Guinea Singing Dog, or something like that.

DMTN music video

Starting with their last single, “E.R.,” these tragically neglected idols have been transforming themselves from the innocent synth darlings of their debut to serious bad boys who simply adore the color black.

In their latest, “Safety Zone,” they hang out at clubs, fight bad guys, and attempt to save a damsel in distress from a set that looks straight off of Law & Order: SVU.

“Safety Zone” is one of those comebacks where I feel like I should enjoy it more than I actually do. Reaction has so far been very positive and there’s nothing inherently wrong with anything in the song or video.

Put simply though, I’ve heard and seen this action concept before and it’s been done better (say for example Infinite’s “Before The Dawn”).

Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find anything that stands out as spectacular or unique in this tepid medium tempo jam and I can’t see myself listening to it for longer than a week.

Perhaps in the context of a mini-album I would learn to love “Safety Zone,” but right now DMTN is playing it far too safe for me to care.

Grade: C