Christina Aguilera rises from the ashes with “Your Body”

Your Body by Christina Aguilera |

It’s no secret who has been the butt of everyone’s jokes…

After Jessica Simpson, there isn’t another celebrity who has been more criticized for being fat, having romantic troubles, and releasing substandard music other than Christina Aguilera (at least for Christina the music part is debatable).

But after appearing on the highly watched The Voice and taking her time crafting her next album, Christina has come back with something to prove.

Christina Aguilera – Your Body music video

“Your Body” is a fiery, dynamic pop mega-hit that only grows in appeal with every listen.

From the beginning “ah-ah” to the final note, there isn’t a single thing I don’t love about this song.

Iconic lines like “I think you already know my name” are just begging to be screamed at the nearest gay club, and it’s a song that is both modern and still signature Christina.

The video premiered today and features the curvy gal hooking up and killing different men. Is there a more positive message for your child? I think not.

She looks amazing and the makeup and styling is on point. On The Voice she tends to favor way too much eye-shadow which sags her face.

The only awful part is when she stops at her local 7-11 and pours what looks to be the fecal matter from 2 girls 1 cup. Other than that, the video is fire.

I don’t think she’s ever sounded better.

Grade: A