BoA – “Disturbance”

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Korea’s youngest cougar…

To me BoA will always be the girl with a permanent cold. I say this out of love, and because I enjoy mocking those who have no flaws to be mocked.

Anyway, as I presently lay in my bed with an actual cold, watching BoA’s latest video “Disturbance” has given me a new found appreciation for the pint-sized gal who manages to sound beautiful and congested at the same time.

BoA Disturbance music video review

Because of the ridiculously young age at which she debuted (13!), BoA is basically a 40-year old cougar in the K-pop scene and this has never been more apparent than in her new video, where she decided to cast SHINee’s Taemin as her love interest. He looks like a child who has no idea what he is doing with an actual woman.

This is probably in part, and by part I mean 100%, due to the fact that the kid can’t act. I’ve seen actors in Leprauchan films with more emotional range; but that doesn’t mean he’s not pretty to look at.

Unfortunately as far as love stories go, this one was dead on arrival, but I will give tons and tons of credit to SM for not doing another dance in a box music video.

As for the song itself, it’s an R&B-pop jam that is tailor made to BoA’s voice. She gets to be both smooth and powerful, resulting in a song that is relaxing and pleasing to the listener. A keyboard and a rhythmic clap provide the majority of the melody keeping the production fresh and simple.

At the end of the video a twist comes in, a la Girl’s Day’s “Hug Me Once,” where the viewer can choose one of two options that pop up. The choices are “let time go by” and “go back to the past” and while it’s a clever idea, seeing that I have no emotional connection to this couple, I wasn’t particularly moved by either choice.

“Disturbance” sees BoA taking the exact direction she needs to follow, R&B-pop, but thanks to Taemin the video is all too stiff.

Grade: B-