Ashlee Simpson releases “Bat For A Heart” music video AKA paranormal activity 5

Ashlee Simpson |

Well that was uncomfortable…

Proving she’s more out of touch with today’s lightning fast music market than anyone could imagine, Jessica Simpson’s better half Ashlee has unveiled the music video to her latest single, “Bat For A Heart,” months after the song’s initial airplay (and by air I mean the internet).

Ashlee Simpson Bat for a Heart music video

Cloaked in black and white, Ashlee yells that she is going to “bang bang fuck you up” while tossing her short locks back in forth in faux anger for a solid three and a half minutes.

The “Bat For A Heart” video marks one of the few times I liked a song less after the accompanying visual.

Not that I was a fan to begin with, but I didn’t find the whole thing as unpleasant as I do now.

Intimately getting to know Ashlee during her groundbreaking MTV reality show, The Ashlee Simpson Show, this whole comeback doesn’t read authentic. 

While Ashlee struggles to remain relevant by self-recording in a video camera, I couldn’t help but imagine that this was the 5th film in the Paranormal Activity franchise.

If this isn’t proof of demonic possession, I don’t know what is.

It’s time to bring back the old Ashlee, the one who could get caught lipsynching to her pop masterpiece “Pieces of Me” and then proceed to country line dance off the stage. R.I.P the good ol’ days.