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Howdy m’am…

4minute sub-unit 2Yoon (composed of main vocalists Gayoon and Jiyoon) have decided to revolutionize modern music by adding a country flair to your typical K-pop dance hit with their first single “24/7”.

It comes from their adorably titled mini album, Harvest Moon, and although it’s about as country as Taylor Swift’s last album, it’s still a roaring good time.

2YOON- 24/7

The conception of 2Yoon was announced way back in December of 2011 and just a few months ago most people had given up on the idea ever coming to fruition (mostly because CUBE was making it rain with HyunA-sized dollars), but to my surprise 2Yoon has been given the full star treatment.

Initially – based on Gayoon and Jiyoon’s track records – I expected their title track to be a shouting match ballad between a shrill owl and a loud cockatoo. Fortunately I was wrong. On “24/7” there’s a restraint and an effort to buck their usual selves in favor of a concept.

However, if you’re a fan of the wailing don’t fret, there’s still one huge Gayoon note in the bridge – there just had to be.

This song has everything you want in a country jam: instructions on when to go “lept” and “light”, a Miley Cyrus “Hoedown Throwdown” hook, and skinny Korean women parading around in Mickey Mouse paraphernalia.

It is unfortunate that the verses are so creepy with their pseudo-rapping, but the stellar chorus is the real breadwinner here.

Now that 2Yoon have had their fun, it’s time to get back to the true star of 4minute, the one who melts us down like ice cream: QUEEN HYUNA! Give me a full album girl!

Grade: B